Solutions for Marine

Our Surface treatment team are experts in providing excellent work during voyages and layovers. The team members have many years of experience working onboard vessels and are extremely flexible so as not to disturb the vessels’ operation.

We work with environmentally friendly methods. Our main method is Ultra High-Pressure water blasting, using water with over 2000 bar pressure we can achieve a blasted surface following valid ISO standards. Used water is filtered to remove contamination and only old paint and rust are left for disposal.

For decks we work with shot blasting, using a closed-loop system for recollection of blasting media. Our experienced painters can apply most of the products available on the market, including zinc silicate, tank linings, products for sound insulation, polyurethane and epoxy systems as well as light and heavy non-skid systems (type Bimagrip).
We specialize in cleaning ships, including engine rooms, tanks, cargo holds, decks, funnels and other areas, increasing safety onboard and reducing fire hazards.

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