Synthetic rope

Scanunit is a trusted supplier of high-performance synthetic ropes in the Scandinavian marine market. Our ropes are known for their superior quality, strength, and durability, meeting the demanding needs of the marine industry.

We offer an extensive range of synthetic rope products, specifically designed to withstand the challenging marine environment. Whether it’s for shipping, fishing, offshore operations, or other marine applications, we have the right solution to meet your needs.

We also offer valuable services in the technical evaluation of existing mooring ropes and arrangements. We have the expertise to assess the condition of your current ropes, identify potential issues, and provide comprehensive recommendations for changes or replacements if the material shows signs of wear and tear.

Whether your operations involve shipping, fishing, offshore activities, or other marine applications, Scanunit is here to provide the perfect solution tailored to your needs. This extends from selecting the most suitable rope solution to custom-built mooring ties suitable for vessels of all sizes.

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