Surface Treatment


Scanunit is specialized in cleaning ships. We can eliminate fire hazards – everywhere on board. We can handle any situation, from short lead times when an accident occurs, to more proactive work with regular or scheduled cleaning. Even the cleaning of surfaces in cargo holds and cargo decks are important so that decks don’t get slippery and to maintain a good lighting. Our experts will gladly help you with the choice of chemicals, equipment and cleaning methods.  


Ultra High Pressure (UHP) water blasting is blasting with water over 2068 bar. We blast with up to 2300 bar. The high pressure water jets penetrates into the steel surface pores, removing paint, rust, salt and other contaminants. UHP water blasting leaves an absolutely clean surface for painting. Why UHP? All the paint manufacturers recommend UHP water blasting for most of their products. It is an environment friendly blasting method, and often the only possible method on board ships. Grit / sand blasting is very difficult to work with on board because it requires storage of large amounts of abrasives. Also the grit must be destroyed ashore at high cost. With UHP water blasting, there is only water to be filtered from the paint flakes. It will be a very small amount and therefore cost less to destroy. This is absolutely the best cleaning method for the painting of “old” steel. Another method that is suitable on ships is shot blasting. It is a closed system where the waste is taken care of with vacuum suction. The method is used primarily on deck but now there is also the possibility for vertical blasting of plain surfaces. We have expanded our capabilities for shot blasting and can offer deck blasting of up to 4000 m² per day.

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Our painters can handle all types of products. From zinc silicate and tank linings for sound insulation and non-skid system. Our staff has many years of experience and in addition, annual internal training. They are also working under the supervision of Frosio authorized personnel. Our cooperation with the major paint manufacturers and our experience allows us to always use the right color and the right equipment.