Service works on board Stena Germanica

Service on Stena GermanicaAgain our team is ready to go through the list of different works that need to be done onboard Stena Germanica.

Scanunit as a serious partner providing all kinds of services you need.

Below only some services we are doing for our partner:

  • cleaning  (decks, tanks, engine room tank top)
  • painting (decks, sideshell, cargo holds, renewing logos)
  • blasting (water blasting, mechanical blasting, sandblasting)
  • applying antislip surfaces (bimagrip on ramps, antislip powder on walking paths)
  • renewing the steel (in all necessary areas)
  • repair works (welding, mechanical works)
  • piping works (connecting new systems)
  • safety (load tests, inspections, LSA, repairs)