LSA & Safety


Scanunit is your complete service partner for inspections, servicing and repairs off Life Saving Appliances.

The inspections are carried out according to current regulations by our competent technicians in consultation with the client. Our technicians are trained by major manufacturers such as Harding, Hatecke and Global Davit giving them the skill and technical backup that is invaluable to our customers.


The reliability of life-saving equipment is vital. To ensure that we conduct the service in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. We do not compromise with safety. With sometimes long lead times for spare parts, we have to, in consultation with the customer order parts in advance so that the ship’s safety certificate is not compromised.




If needed our trained technicians repair your damaged/malfunctioning equipment. We deliver spare parts from the manufacturer and make sure to get your equipment back in the approved and safe condition. After major repairs we also arrange the necessary load test to ensure the working load limit of the equipment.


Important information for shipowners

When it’s time to choose service for LSA-inspection, it is important to make the right choice. It is the owner’s responsibility to investigate the suitability of those performing the service. Most flag states issu a document in which they list the criteria to be fulfilled by a service provider according to MSC 1206 and 1277. At the top of these lists are the manufacturer or manufacturer’s representative. If the manufacturer or its representative is not available, the owner can appoint a service provider that meets the lower requirements.

If the service provider claims to have the approval, ask to see documents confirming this. The risk of using a service provider that is not approved may become very costly.

To be approved by the manufacturer requires expertise and provides expertise as technicians at an authorized service provider undergoes training and education at the manufacturer.

It’s about maritime safety and about the men and women who work at sea, if they need to use the Life Saving Appliances it must function properly.


We perform both annual and 5-year inspections and issue related certificates. Certman is our web-based certificate program that enable customers to keep their certificates in order and to plan inspections when the time comes. The customer gets a login to access and check all the dates and print copies if desired. A message goes out from the system that reminds the customer that it is time to plan for next inspection.



Scanunit works closely with some of the largest manufacturers in the industry and we send our skilled technicians for regular training to keep skills and service at a high level.

Scanunit has chosen to seek approval of manufacturers, classification societies and flag states to be able to help our customers regardless and always provide a service that is authorized and approved.

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