Lifting Inspection


We adapt our inspection to the customers need,  weather it is a  cargo crane on a vessel or a lifting chain on a mobile crane. We have the necessary approvals, knowledge and equipment.

We have fully certified surveyors in Helsingborg and Gothenburg, Sweden and in Fredericia, Denmark. This means fast response to many major ports and industry areas.



Load test

We perform annual and 5-yearly inspections on lifting appliances on vessels, offshore and industry.

We use water bags, calibrated load cells and fixed loads. We have three test benches of 10 t, 25 t and 80 t to perform not only load tests but also destructive testing to determine minimum brake load.

Regardless which legislation is applicable for the lifting equipment we perform the inspection and test necessary to issue a corresponding certificate.



Our vast network of suppliers and service partners we have access to drawings, spares and technical support. Our skilled technicians will help you get your lifting equipment back to operational and safe status.




We perform both annual and 5-year inspections and issue related certificates. Certman is our web-based certificate program that enable customers to keep their certificates in order and to plan inspections when the time comes. The customer gets a login to access and check all the dates and print copies if desired. A message goes out from the system that reminds the customer that it is time to plan for next inspection.