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For Your safety onboard

During 5-yearly inspections that we perform according to MSC 402(96), spares needs to be changed as well as fall wires. Load test of equipment is also mandatory during 5-yearly inspection. Everything to ensure safety at sea.

GRE Team in action

Over the Years of experience with composite pipes (GRE/GRVE/GRP), our teams have become one of the best in the market. To share our experience with You, we made a short movie. Hope You will enjoy it.  

Service on Stena Germanica

Service works on board Stena Germanica

Again our team is ready to go through the list of different works that need to be done onboard Stena Germanica. Scanunit as a serious partner providing all kinds of services you need. Below only some services we are doing for our partner: cleaning  (decks, tanks, engine room tank top) […]

Building a prototype

Building a prototype at your request is not a problem for us. We have just finished building a prototype of a compact BWTS at the request of a Danish customer. You have no idea how to fit GRE / GRVE pipes, and you say it is impossible? – We are […]

30 years as a shipping partner

Starting from a section of Broström shipping Scanunit have since 1988 purposefully developed to become a trusted partner and supplier to much of the world’s shipping companies. Today we are Scandinavia’s leading supplier of complete solutions for repair, lifting and maintenance for industry and shipping. It suffices to contact us […]

Surface treatment onboard Wagenborg vessels

During two weeks Scanunit performed shotblasting and painting of decks onboard two Wagenborg vessels. An area of 10 000m2 in total was painted with a moisture curing urethane system

Repair of bottom plate

Repair of bottom plate Scanunit performed a repair of the bottom plate on a 100,000 TDW tanker out in Danafjord in Gothenburg. After the ship’s cargo had been discharged we had our team in place to make the repair.  The work started with risk analysis and briefing with the crew, class and divers. With the assistance of divers from […]

Scanunit deliver the first K-100 in Europe

The “L” in the crane’s name denotes it’s the long boom version of the crane, with a reach of 60 m. “The company will use the crane and K-100 together, which not only marks its first foray into synthetic rope, but also the first time that a company has paired […]

Scanunit appoints new CEO

As part of the next generation of Scanunit, Kristian Berg has been appointed as new CEO from June 1, 2016. Former CEO Per Ekelund will henceforth serve as vice president and project manager. In addition, Per Ekelund will be a board member of Scanunit. Kristian Berg is a marine engineer and has […]